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Hi! I'm a guy with a deep interest in the first recorded media of the modern era, basically the first half of the twentieth century, from around 1900 thru 1950 or so. In 1902 Thomas Edison created wax cylinders that could hold recorded music, and for the first time in the history of the world, regular people could preserve and hear music in their home. Before this, if you wanted to hear a great singer or band, you had to go to a theater and listen to them live. Then Thomas Edison invented wax cylinders that could record and save sounds, followed by 78rpm records. Soon moving picture film for movies was created, radio transmission and receivers were created, and then television.

The first movies, radio shows, and recorded music from 1895 to the 1950's literally chronicle the history of us – the cars we drove, the homes we lived in, the songs we sang, the stores we shopped in, the clothes we wore, the hair styles we thought were great.

For almost a decade I created the largest privately owned web site that freely shared several terabytes of public domain classic movies with the world. That era has passed for now, but I remain totally in love with the stories and people from our past.


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